Monday, May 23, 2011

Naming Names

Over the weekend I had a disagreement with my wife. We're expecting a baby in November, we don't know what it will be yet, but we're trying to decide on a name that we both like.(Actually two names, one boy, one girl,)

So. I'm reading the names off that I like out of a baby name book. I think every one of them was met with "no, no, are you serious," and the like.(In my wife's defense I was joking about some of them)

And then I found it. Pure gold in the world of naming. Raiden. Meaning: Japanese god of Thunder and Lightning.(I should probably preface this next part by explaining that my wife has never played Mortal Kombat) I excitedly told her that this had to be our choice if it was a boy. I mean, come on, right? Her reply was, "do you want him to get beat up?"

I stared back at her, incredulous. "You think he'll get beat up? Don't you know who Raiden is?"


I pulled up a picture of him on the computer. "This is Raiden. You don't #%$%& with Raiden. You get zapped!"

Unfortunately, she wasn't impressed. And so the search for a name continues, much to my dismay. It could have been so perfect, but alas, it's not meant to be.

Do you think she'd go for Sub-Zero or Scorpion?


  1. All of her name choices probably suck if she won't seriously consider Raiden. It's like "Brayden" without the B.

    Filibuster every name choice until she puts Raiden on the shortlist.

  2. I jokingly said "Thor" once and my wife started taking it serious and always brings it up that we cannot have a child named Thor.