Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Cave

Title: The Cave
Year Produced: 2005
Notable Actors/Actresses: Lena Headey, Piper Perabo
Trep's Rating: 3 Stars

For Friday's now I'm going to be posting a movie review(in addition to Thursday's awesome book review!). I watch a fairly wide variety of stuff, but again, mostly in the fantasy/sci-fi/horror genre. Thrillers are popular too, but I'll make an effort to branch out for these reviews. The point is not to review things that most everyone has seen, but to pick movies that, for whatever reason aren't very well-known.

First up is The Cave, which caught my attention with the awesome cover. I mean, seriously, doesn't this make you want to watch it?

In reality, I knew I was probably getting into a B-movie. But, what the heck. The plot also caught my attention, because it sounded a lot like the book I was reading at the time(Subterranean). It's about a group of cave explorers who get contracted to map out a cave system discovered under the ruins of a monastery in Eastern Europe.

When they arrive they discover a warning from the long-gone monks at the entrance to the caves, warning that they are supposed to be sealed so that winged demons don't get out. Of course, this doesn't bother the explorers and they start off on their expedition.

All seems to be going well, but then one of their team goes missing. Then another. Eventually the leader of the team is attacked while looking for the other members and is wounded by the flying demon. Something really cool and unexpected comes into the story around here, and I won't give it away, but it's what made me revise my opinion about the movie. It's a B-movie, but a good B-movie.

Now, trapped in the caves and cut off from escape, the team must fight their way through this nightmare and find another way out. No real stars in this one, but the acting is decent. Piper Perabo is the girl from Coyote Ugly and Lena Headey played Queen Gorgo in 300. The writing is above par for a film like this, and the movie had a really cool song at the end. Here it is:

So, all in all, it was a fun movie. Not too much in the way of a content warning, either. So if you're looking for a good flick to get into, and you like sci-fi/fantasy, this might not be the most amazing movie you will ever see, but it is entertaining. Check it out. 


  1. Oh Yeah NIGHTWISH rocks my world.

    They are actually prime background musical material whilke I write-check out a few chapter headings and you'll recognize the titles.

    When I first watched the Cave (and I agree with your review) as it ended I messed with my remote and for a moment thought I had turned on my stereo-then had to holler for my wife (who wouldn't watch the movie with me) "HEY! it's got a Nightwish song! Cool!"

  2. Dave, I agree, Nightwish is awesome! I can relate to having a wife who won't sit down and watch timeless classic cinema, too. Thanks man.