Monday, October 10, 2011

Back From the Dead

Sooooo. You may have noticed a sharp drop off in the number of posts I've put up in the last few months. That is, more or less, zero. But at least let me explain.

My computer was infected by the zombie virus. Yes, that's right. The zombie apocalypse is upon us.

I first noticed odd bite marks around the keyboard. I didn't think much of it, only that somehow my 3 year-old have developed a taste for plastic and technology.

But within a few hours, I knew I was in trouble.

I tried everything, Norton, McaFee, Windows. Nothing helped. In fact it only seemed to speed up the process. Within two short days my computer was reduced to a withered husk of what it had been, silently drooling out of one of the USB ports.

I thought maybe I could get used to it. After all. It was just a small thing. I should be able to work around it. But you know, there really is no way to get work done on a computer that has turned zombie. When it isn't trying to bite you by slamming the lid to the laptop closed on your fingers it just stares blankly at you.

I tried to get a new computer and soon realized my mistake. No sooner was it out of the box than my old zombified laptop flew across the room and sank its plastic keys into my brand new computer, all the while mumbling something about CPUs....

Anyway, long story short, there really is only one thing to do with a zombified laptop. You have to take a chainsaw and cut the screen off, then burn the remains. I accomplished this for both laptops and for the most part it was successful. Except one of the keys might have broke the skin. I'm sure it's nothing. I'll be fine tomorrow, it was just a late night. That's why I'm tired. Yeah, that's it.

Um.... Brains?

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  1. Hahahaha I saw this the other day but wasn't able to comment on it. Well done brutha