Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fragments by Dan Wells

     I just finished Fragments by Dan Wells. This is the second book in the Partials sequence published through HarperCollins Publishers.

     Initially I was hesitant to pick up this book. I had read Partials, and while the idea intrigued me the story left me a little flat. It could have been me, I had just finished reading Stephen King's The Stand, after all, and perhaps the apocalyptic disease story processing center of my brain was in overload. For whatever reason, however, it disappointed me and I was reluctant to continue the series. I even reread the I Am Not A Serial Killer trilogy to remind me why I liked Dan Wells' writing as much as I do.

     Fragments was much better than Partials, almost immediately. It starts off with more action and for some reason I was able to empathize with and care about the characters this time around, something that I just couldn't have cared less about the first time around.

     The story basically picks up a little while after Partials, in the wake of the discovery that RM has a cure. Kira Walker, the 17 yr old medic/agitator and main character is off on her own, searching for the Trust, the group of leaders that the Partial army reports to. She has a lot of questions about who she is and what their plan is for the fate of the world. Is there a way to synthesize the cure? And what about the new development of the Partial expiration date?

     I don't intend to give things away in this review, only to say that the book is full of well-written action sequences, much better character development than the first book, and even a quest across the wrecked and ruined United States. The ending had a nice twist, and I'm actually excited to dig into the next volume whenever it comes out. Job well done, Mr. Wells. 4 out of 5 stars.

     In other news I just learned that Peter Clines' novel Ex-Communication, is available, and I am going to be moving through that one soon. Here's the cover:

     For those of you unfamiliar with this series, it's a cross between the Avengers and The Walking Dead. Great story, fun idea. If you like zombie stories and superhero stories, do yourself a favor and check this series out.

     I'm currently reading Storm Surge by Taylor Anderson. I absolutely love this series. A US navy destroyer in WWII slips into a parallel universe where the earth has not developed along the same timeline nor even the same species. It's a little bit King Kong, a little bit an old WWII movie, and a healthy dose of adventure laced with pseudo-steampunk for good measure. I'll be posting a review of this latest shortly, but if you're looking at getting into the series, the first book is called Into the Storm. It's a lot of fun, check it out.

     That's all I've got for the day. Now I have to get back to Forensic Accounting and Tax Law. Blee-ech. Oh well. Y'all have a great day!

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