Friday, February 11, 2011

Just A Couple Of Things That Made Me Smile....

There were a couple of things I saw this morning that made me smile so here they are. The first is a picture I came across while surfing the web:

The print is a little hard to read. It says:
Harry Potter: I am the greatest wizard in the whole world!
Harry Dresden: Whatever, kid.
HP: Shall we duel?
HD: Your funeral, kid.
HP: Todificus!
HP: It didn't work!
HD: My turn kid!
HD: Eat Hellfire!
Sorry, not to knock Harry Potter, I loved the books, but Dresden is my main man. This was shooting the milk from my cheerios out my nose over breakfast funny.
The other thing I saw was a t-shirt. It said, simply: "Screw Team Edward Cullen. Go Team Thomas Wraith."
Again, another reference to the Dresden Files that you probably won't understand unless you've read the series. But then, if you haven't read the series, then what are you doing here? Shame on you. Go and read it now.
And now, I'm off to work for the day.

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