Sunday, August 22, 2010

Once Upon A Time....

Hi, welcome to my blog. I chose the title that I did, because, well, all good stories start that way. Right? Wrong! And that's what this blog is about. Everything writing. I'll be posting reviews of books, graphic novels, magazines, movies, TV shows, blogs, and anything else that I feel relevant to the art and craft of writing.
First, a little bit about me, I'm an author. I write Fantasy and Horror, mostly, but I like to read just about anything. My goal for reading is to broaden my horizons and take in as much as I can. Extensively, I try to write the same way. My writing crosses genres from time to time, so be prepared.
I'll put up a little bit of my fiction writing from time to time, and I'd love any feedback that you might care to leave. Even and especially if you don't like it. Please. Tell me. I'd love to hear what you really think.
Oh, and I'd like you to check out my blog list. If you're following my blog, you probably have an interest in writing or fiction or something along those lines. The blogs I follow are some of the best sites you can read to learn about those things. Anywhere. Go ahead. Read them. These blog authors definitely have the "write" stuff.